Finding the Right Home Improvement and Remodeling Contractor

Renovated homes always increase the value of a home. It is estimated that Americans spend around $114.6 billion on home renovation projects with an average construction project costs anywhere around $45,000. The scale of work ranges from simple carpentry jobs to adding/remodeling bathrooms or kitchens or even converting rooms. With so much investment, it indeed makes sense to choose home improvement and remodeling contractors with care.

Statistics at the New York Times Department of Consumer Affairs reveal that complaints about home improvement contractors far outnumber all other categories. Here’s a quick guide to help you find the right contractor:

– The first thing before hiring a contractor is to make sure that he has a license. Almost all states follow strict guidelines before issuing a license. Contractors are required to clear criminal background tests, written examination, and are charged a license fee. In some places like New York and Nassau, they are even required to pay a bond through a trust fund which is used to compensate consumers who were affected by shoddy and less than professional work.

– Licenses may not be a complete guarantee of the contractor’s professionalism, but at least they give the state to move on behalf of the consumer.

– Make sure that you read the contract terms and conditions in detail. Even the smartest people have faced problems because they failed to read the contract. Paying a contractor in cash also isn’t a good idea, because more often than not, it ends up in a dispute.

– And if possible, consult an architect or other specialist. People often ignore this. Homeowners are not always specific about conveying ideas to the contractor. This can sometimes prove to be a costly mistake and even involve changing the entire project. But an architect can ensure that the message is conveyed to the contractor clearly. The blue print drawn by an architect leaves little room for mistakes, because you can’t have a contractor who can come with excuses saying, ‘you didn’t tell that to me before’.

– Make sure that a penalty clause is included in the contract. As stated earlier home improvement and remodeling jobs aren’t cheap. A penalty clause would bind the contractor in finishing the project on time.

– You can also ask the contractor to provide an experienced foreman to handle the project. While this may increase costs, this would indeed be a bargain when compared to the expenses incurred because of inadequate supervision.

Your Home Improvements and Remodeling Done by Renovation Experts

Are you interested in some home improvements by renovating or remodeling your home? Did you know that just hiring a builder to renovate your home could do your home more harm than good? See, by hiring a builder to remodel your home, you aren’t hiring someone who knows how to work within an existing structure. Sure, a builder can do a remodel job, but to wind up with a really great, customized look in your existing home, it’s a good idea to call one of the many renovation experts out there.

More and more, people are choosing to stay in their homes and plan their own home remodeling. With the housing market down, homeowners are finding that it’s easier and more cost effective to renovate an existing home than sell their current home and buy a new one. For many, renovating is a better option, you improve your equity, spend less and get exactly what you want in your home.

A good remodel on a home can also personalize it and give a house a very distinctive, individual style. A renovation expert can incorporate high end changes to a home and give it a clean, customized look to suit your needs. But, how do you know if you’re hiring a renovation expert or just some person who claims they can add a room to your house?

Many people are turning to the internet to find experts that meet their every need, so it’s no wonder that they would find renovation experts online, as well. There are many websites that can help you find contractors who will suit your remodeling needs.

Instead of looking to general websites that only advertise so-called experts, you need to turn to a website that can point you in the direction of real renovation professionals. In fact, you can now take it a step further and not only find qualified people to fill all of your project needs, but you can also get quotes for all your home improvement projects right online.

Okay, so maybe you’re wondering how a website can actually hook you up with renovation experts to meet all your needs, but really, it’s very simple. By filling out a short, free form online describing your contracting needs, the area in which you live and contact information, you will get free, no obligation quotes for all your home improvement needs.

The thing is that no matter the size of your renovation projects, you are going to need a really qualified professional who will create the room of your dreams. If you’re interested in going “green” in your renovations, you are going to need a contractor who specializes in eco-friendly remodels. Finding a well qualified expert to help you with all of your home improvement projects will guarantee that all work that goes into your home is professionally done and will stand the test of time.

So, before you commit to just any contractor for your home improvement project, take the time to go online and get free quotes for all your projects from renovation experts in your area. It will only take a little time, and your home will thank you in the end.

Home Extensions and Renovations

With today’s current economic climate a recent trend has been emerging in the home improvements department. While house sales have drastically been reduced, the home improvement market has hit all time highs as homeowners decide to simply participate in having home extensions and renovations done instead of risking moving house.

With house prices hitting new lows after being so high just a couple of years previously, many people lost thousands of pounds by purchasing a home only for the value to drop nearly overnight. People have become wary of the housing market and its lack of stability, so instead of risking this happening to them by selling their home and buying a new one they have instead sensibly decided that by having a home extension and renovation they can instead add value to their house.

By having an extension made to your own home you are making a very shrewd investment as you can only add value to a home by adding to it. You will be adding to the square footage of your property, and many families like to buy a property which is if anything too big, as they have the room for expansion should they decide to try for a baby or should they decide that they will require extra space. So by having a larger house you are already adding value to your home. Not only this but you are going to make your home more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. It can be a very satisfactory feeling to know that you have made your own home extension, and not many people get the chance to physically make part of their home. It can be the perfect way to hone your own DIY skills too, working on your own little project as and when it suits you in your own time.

Home renovations can be another very simple and inexpensive way to add a huge amount of value to your property. Again with the current credit crunch people simply can’t afford to buy the home of their dreams, so instead they are embracing their creative side and deciding to renovate their current home. You can see how popular this market is by simply turning on your television on a typical day – there are so many home improvement programs and even channels dedicated to home improvement and renovation. The great thing about renovating your home is that you don’t really need any skills to do it – you just need to decide on a style and with basic knowledge of painting and decorating you can go ahead and renovate any part of your home. Home renovation is usually an on-going side project for many families, with some people constantly upgrading the quality of their home by buying new stylish furniture and by keeping up with the latest trends. All of this will add great value to your house should you ever wish to sell, as people will be greatly impressed by a house that looks good inside as well as outside and so they will be willing to part with more money to purchase the property.

Will Home Improvements and Renovation Increase Property Value?

The answer can get a bit tricky because it depends on the type of improvement or renovation you are planning for your home. In actuality, vast and major improvements, which can range from total kitchen and bath renovations, room additions, decks, porches, etc. will not pay off unless you are planning to stay in the house for a while.

If you pour tons of money into your house for a new kitchen with brand new, built-in appliances and you are planning to move in two years, you may not be in the home long enough for it to appreciate in value so that you can recover your investment. Therefore, before you even make plans for major improvements and renovations, decide how long you are going to stay in your current home so that you will not end up losing money.

Having said that, over a longer period of time, kitchen improvements tend to pay off in a big way because the kitchen is the most important room in the house. The kitchen is where the family congregates and where most family interaction takes place. Therefore, a roomy, attractive, well-lit kitchen with appliances that work well can be a great selling point for your home and can add value. And you should not forget that the money you spend right now will not be worth the same 5 years down the line when it is adjusted for inflation, cost of living, etc.

You do not have to think major when you think of an improvement to your home if you are planning to sell. You can start by doing small, simple changes such as improving the front view of your home. Improving how your house looks when someone first arrives or curbside appeal is a good way to create a lasting first impression. If you front lawn is overgrown, the shrubs are dying and the flowers are nowhere to be found, it may just cause a potential buyer to drive away without even looking at your home.

Now you need to think of how your house will look to a person walking inside for the first time. If your house is full of clutter, the carpet is stained and the floors have been collecting dust, then you need deal with it. Look at the inside of your home in an objective manner and jot down the things that you need to get rid of right away.

Paint the house and use neutral tones on the inside to create the feeling of more space. Steam the carpet and sand down the cupboards and stain them if they are wooden. They might even need some paint to make them sparkle and make sure you replace the handles.

Make your bathroom shine and sparkle, put up a new shower curtain, clean the toilet, shower and sink and remove all the stains, soap scum and mildew. You want a bathroom that you can be proud of when you show it. And get rid of any bad odors in any way you can because nothing is a bigger turn off than a house that smells. Add rugs, towels, clean sheets, comforters, pillows, cushions and some other knick-knacks that will give your house a better look and feel. You would be surprised at the wonders a good cosmetic makeover can do for a house.